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Posted April 2014


AH 12' Rocker Cap
Snowmobile Trailers

Rocker Caps & Enclosed Snowmobile Trailers
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Lite weight fiberglass trailer enclosure with an aluminum frame. Gas shocks operate cap to be opened in the front or back. Cap fits 12' drive off trailers or tilt bed style trailers. Cap weight is 200lbs. 2 Place Snowmobile Trailer.

AERO HOOD TM rocker snowmobile trailers

AERO HOOD TM Rocker snowmobile trailers

Standard 2 Place Snowmobile Trailer with Rocker Cap

If you would like more information on rocker caps, snowmobile trailers, enclosed snowmobile trailers or any of our products please call 1-866-803-2385 or send an email to info@fibertechservicesinc.com